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A swimming pool is always synonymous with moments of conviviality and relaxation . For magic to work, it must integrate with your environment and the architecture of your home. Luxury pool par excellence, the mirror pool will conquer you. We explain to you why.

What is a mirror pool?

The mirror pool uses the principle of an overflow pool. But while the latter overflows on one side into a second pool below, the mirror pool flows on all four sides. The water line is at the same level as the pool deck, which gives the mirror effect . The surface of the soil and the water are on the same plane. The water falls into the troughs all around the pool, before being filtered, then returned to the pool through the bottom of the pool.

Why build a mirror pool?

This type of pool has several advantages compared to traditional pools:

  • the mirror pool gives a contemporary and elegant design to your outdoor spaces: the water line which blends with the ground, the discretion of the copings around the pool, gives it a refined appearance and simple that seduces.
  • it gives a feeling of space and serenity : its flat surface, in line with the ground, will make you feel like you can walk on water. It gives an impression of space and harmonizes with the rest of your garden. Inspired by the pools of Asian countries that reflect the sky, it invites relaxation and meditation.
  • the system of a mirror pool facilitates filtration and cleanliness of the surface water : devoid of skinners, the pool water flows continuously and thus gets rid of it without stopping surface impurities.

What you need to know before building a mirror pool

The particularities of the mirror pool impose several constraints, both technical and financial:

  • you should know that the construction of a mirror pool at a significant cost. It requires materials suitable for prolonged immersion. They are especially treated to be rot-proof . These materials are more expensive than those necessary for the installation of a traditional swimming pool. We thus observe an increase in the price of 20 to 30% compared to a conventional concrete swimming pool.
  • you will be required to opt for a rectangular swimming pool so that the water flows equally on all four sides,
  • you will need to monitor the operation of certain elements of your pool, such as the pumps which ensure good water circulation. They must be powerful enough for the filtration and overflow system to work properly. The valves , which regulate the flow and the water level, should also catch your attention. Finally, mirror pools tend to release carbon dioxide which unbalances the pH of the water. You may need to think about installing a carbon dioxide injection system to regulate it.
  • concerning the maintenance of your swimming pool : remember to check the PH twice a week, check the condition of the troughs and remove the dirt that has remained blocked at least once a week. Finally, it will be necessary to clean the walls and the bottom of the pool regularly using a pool robot.